Native Christmas Outreach Fund

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Join us in blessing Native American families this Christmas, with a traditional gift of love and hope!  Tradition and culture is very important to Native Americans, and we would like to celebrate that heritage with the tradition of love and generosity that Christ has shown to us. 

Gift-giving or giveaways are a common practice in Native American communities.  In the past, it helped to create bonds between families and helped turn strangers or enemies into kin or allies.  More recently, one gives to strangers, not simply hoping to make friends, but because it is the honorable thing to do. And one gives to honor a relative, and this in turn honors that person in the eyes of the community.

So, this Christmas, we’d love to partner with you to help bless Native American families in the tradition of gift-giving and bring love and hope to those in Indian country, and, to honor them with a special gift from our hearts.

You can be a part of the tradition of a giveaway, by purchasing one or more family packages worth $30.

$30 will help purchase a gift package for the whole family. The gift package will include…

  • A Blanket - The blanket is a very important gift in Indian culture as it is a way to show gratitude for others
  • A set of Hats and gloves for the whole family
  • A Family game
  • A Family devotional - The Joy of Christmas - John Piper 25-Day Advent Devotional
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Microwave popcorn
  • A First People's Translation of the New Testament (Translated specifically for those in the Native Community)

We will be receiving these contributions until November 21st, and then we will distribute these gift packages between our 4 Native Churches, Pine Tree Mission (Gallop, NM), Kirtland Hope Church (Kirtland, NM),  and our two Native congregations in Fort Belknap and Great Falls, MT. 

Thank you for your love and generosity to the Native American community this Christmas!

You can donate by purchasing one or more family packages worth $30.  Simply type in the amount you'd like to donate and select your payment option.