We believe that healthy things grow.  In the Western Conference, we believe that it is more important to grow healthy Churches than to simply try to grow the Church.  As Churches get more and more healthy, the Church grows by itself!


  • Church Health Assessments through Natural Church Development (NCD)
  • Church Health Coaching and Networking
  • Vision Clarity Coaching through Axauno
  • Conflict Resolution Training through Peacemaker Ministries
  • Grant Funding of Restart/Redevelopment Processes

For more information about how the Western Conference can help you navigate your Churches health, contact Pastor Bryan Baker at  bryan@bigtimberchurch.com 

Request for Natural Church Development Survey (NCD)

Please provide your Church Name and the Date you would want to get the NCD Survey Started. A copy of your request will go to Pastor Bryan Baker, Chairman of the Board of Church Health, and Asst. Supt. Brent Nymeyer.

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