Our Pastors are our greatest asset.  Our credentialing process is designed to guide and encourage those called into ministry on a pathway that will prepare and qualify them for a lifetime of service in the Kingdom. 

There are four levels of Credentialing that the Evangelical Church offers:

  • Ministerial Student - This is the entry-level for all potential ministers pursuing credentialing.  This requires an affirmation from the Lead Pastor and Council of the Local Church of a clear call into ministry and an introductory interview with the Board of Ministry.  Once approved, Ministerial Students are assigned a mentor from the Board of Ministry to help guide them through the Credentialing Process.  
  • Licensed Minister (Probationer) - This is a temporary credential that is conferred upon a minister for a period of 1 year, that authorizes the minister to Pastor in any Conference/Denominational Church, perform weddings and funerals, baptize new believers and administer the sacraments.  In addition to the requirements of the Ministerial Student, there are additional educational requirements and the passing of an oral examination before the Board of Ministry.  This Credential must be renewed and approved by the Annual Conference yearly.  This is often the status of those who are in the process toward Ordination.
  • Commissioned Minister - This Credential is conferred upon a minister into a specific area of ministry.  While Licensed Ministers and Ordained Elders are Credentialed into broad areas of ministry within the Church, Commissioned Ministers are credentialed to serve in more focused areas of ministry.  For example, many ministers are Commissioned into Worship ministry, Camping Ministry, Youth Ministry, Kids Ministry, Missions work, Administration, and more.  Not everyone feels called into the Lead Pastor role within a Church, so Commissioning allows them to establish a formal, transferrable credential in their arena of calling.  The requirements are similar to those of the Licensed Minister.
  • Ordained Elder - For those who feel called to the role of Lead Pastor within a Church, this credential has the highest level of requirements and once conferred, it does not need to be renewed.  This Credential is transferrable across the Denomination and is often recognized and accepted in many other Denominations as well.  

If you are interested in beginning the process of Credentialing in the Western Conference, contact Pastor Andy Hazelet at  andy@connectbillings.com